Final puppet show



Testing out my new muscle man body puppet


Pumpkin puppet

        ————— Quick update – Here is how the pumpkin puppet looks like after 1 month


New Puppet - Goostav the Terminator!

Goostav the Terminator from Animishmish on Vimeo.   This on had to be just metal and glass, plus another material that we choose. I started up trying to do a Chinese dragon. the head ended up looking more like a goose…:) So – this is where Goostav the Goose was born. As his name turned out to be so Austrian – He just had to be a Terminator 4 puppet. […]



Don't shoot vertical videos



Puppet documentary - Pinkaboo

Pinkaboo main edit from Animishmish on Vimeo.


Sock Puppet :)